What makes our emergency services different?

Our founder, Dr. Susan Shelton, has been a veterinarian in Jacksonville for many years. The feedback that she has consistently received from her general practice clients and from clients of other vets in the community is that going to the emergency room with your pet is a dreadfully expensive proposition. Many times people indicated they left the ER feeling like they had essentially been forced to spend a great deal of money they couldn’t easily afford or did not want to spend, but the emergency nature of the problem left them feeling they had no choice. The only other option they had was to not go the ER and be worried all night/weekend that their pet was in pain or that it was deteriorating from its illness or injury. After hearing this for so many years, Dr. Shelton decided people and pets needed a better option.

Our ER fees will be the best prices we can provide. The “office visit” fee for emergencies will be higher than a day visit office fee, but the fees for all the other services will not be inflated because it is after hours. Costing less does not mean that the quality is less. It means that we like what we do and are therefore willing to do it more often.

Our ER is also supervised by a credentialed specialist in Emergency and Critical Care medicine. No other ER in Jacksonville can say that.

We will also support our community’s veterinarians by providing cost effective after hours monitoring and care for their transferred patients.

How can we offer all this peace of mind for less?

We utilize our space and resources 24 hours a day.
Therefore, the expense of overhead is effectively diluted.

Our veterinarians are not paid more to do more services. They receive the same compensation whether or not you elect to run a bunch of tests. Our veterinarians have been hand selected and have an understanding that people are often on budgets and that our job is to help them as best we can when they need us and to send them back to their regular family veterinarian as soon as possible. Our veterinarians and staff know that client satisfaction and referrals will be monitored and rewarded.

We want you to be able to get the help you need and some peace of mind. Many problems do not have to be completely resolved when they arise. Many times limited tests and treatments can get you some relief and peace of mind until you can get to your family vet. If you do need complete diagnostic services and more intervention, we are equipped and able to help, and will always try to do it in the most cost effective way possible.

We did not start the ER in the hopes of making a lot of money. We just want to be able to pay our bills and wages for our staff. We do not want vulnerable pet owners in our community to feel like they had no choice.

Now you have a choice…At Best VETS, our commitment is to provide you the best care and the best service at the best price we can.